This is aaronland

Spin is a 3D panoramic model of the library, lobby and stone carving studios at the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design and a visual representation of the stair behaviour model

They were completed during the winter and spring of 1997 on a tireless, if sometimes frustrating, PowerBook using Strata StudioPro.

Big thanks to Michael LeBlanc.

The stair behaviour model was taken from a diagram in a book devoted to the study and execution of stair design and having nothing, per se, to do with NSCAD. I neglected to write down the author's name, but if anyone knows it, please drop me a note.

To view the panoramas, simply Click and Drag the mouse over the panorama.

To zoom in hold down the Option-key, and to zoom out hold down the Ctrl-key.

When you pass over a hotspot, or link, the cursor will change to show a small hand.

Links are activated by double clicking the mouse.

Spin requires QuickTime 3.0 or higher.

» spin (2.6mb)
» see also ptolemy